A start-up launches recruitment “without a diploma”


Startup introduces

As the competition to recruit quality local tech talent intensifies, a newcomer to the block Click up announced that it would remove the need for formal qualifications, including diplomas, from its recruitment process.

The productivity platform aims to open a head office in Sydney and hire more than 200 local employees over the next three years. The move is part of a series of progressive hiring principles introduced by newly appointed APAC Director James Slattery.

“Degrees can be fantastic; However, I didn’t find them a good measure of how someone will play in a role, so I’m not giving graduate applicants a bias. Our goal is to hire and invest in people for the long term by taking a holistic approach. We place more value on soft skills, practical experience and the right mindset, ”Slattery said.

“Our approach to recruiting is to lead with retention in mind, create a career path for each new hire, and give them the time and money they need to invest in their personal and professional development at ClickUp. If there is no career path people leave, this is where so many companies go wrong.

The approach is led by founder and CEO Zeb Evans, who dropped out of school following a “near death experience”. Slattery, who is also without a degree, says the limited influx of foreign talent will see organizations fighting for applicants.

“Many companies are spending money on the problem by offering above-average wages or premature promotions. The problem this creates is a mismatch between desire and expectation. Employers don’t give more without waiting for more, which is not sustainable in the long term, ”he said.

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