Foreign currency loans – MNB: settlement notifications will be received

Foreign exchange lenders receive settlement notices from banks during March-April, while forint lenders and those who actually pay off their loans in foreign currency only receive such notices in August-September, the National Bank of Hungary points out in its announcement on Monday. Financial institutions will be required to settle At the reporting date of 1 […]

Payday Loan as a Surprise

Where it fails, money lacks and people lose their comfort and quiet living. There is no reason to give in or give up just for money. You can get them by loan. Get a payday loan as a surprise Most loan seekers are looking for something that is useless and can solve not only comfort […]

Loan for Soldiers

What should soldiers know about loans? What is important for loans for soldiers? What should soldiers pay attention to in particular? We try to answer all these questions in the following article. Whether it is a short-term purchase, such as a vacation, a new car or new furniture, or whether you want to replace other […]