AWS Announces New Managed WAN Service


Amazon Web Services at re: Invent announced a new managed wide area network (WAN) service designed for enterprises to create, manage and monitor a unified global network that connects cloud and on-premises environments through AWS.

According to the company, AWS Cloud WAN provides a central dashboard that businesses can use to connect their on-premises branch offices, data centers, and Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to the AWS global network with just a few clicks.

AWS bills the new service as a way to connect on-premise data centers, branch offices, and cloud environments like AWS, alleviating the burden on IT to build and manage their own global networks while taking advantage of the provisioning services. network, security and Internet of several third parties. party providers.

Organizations can use the central dashboard and network policies of AWS Cloud WAN to create, manage, and monitor a global network that spans multiple locations and networks, eliminating the need to configure and manage separate networks with different technologies, depending on the company.

With AWS Cloud WAN, businesses can use a central dashboard and network policies to create, manage, and monitor a global network that spans multiple locations and networks, eliminating the need to configure and manage different networks individually at using different technologies, depending on the company.

The new service also integrates with leading SD_WAN and network device vendors, including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, VMWare, and Aruba, so customers can use and manage products and services from these vendors.

For starters, customers can connect their on-premises environments to AWS through a telecommunications service provider to bridge the gap between data centers or colocation facilities and the AWSD network to extend their existing WAN to the cloud.

According to AWS, customers can then deploy a highly available global network by selecting the AWS Regions closest to their on-premises locations, then easily add or remove remote locations, data centers, or Amazon VPCs to and from their global network. with just a few clicks in the AWS Cloud WAN console or using the AWS Cloud WAN API.

The service is currently available in preview in the US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Northern California), Africa (Cape Town), Asia-Pacific (Mumbai), Asia-Pacific (Singapore), Asia- regions. Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), and South America (São Paulo) with availability in other AWS Regions to come.

David Brown, vice president of Amazon EC2 at AWS, said in a statement that customers regularly complain about the complexity of managing multiple networks with different connectivity, security, and monitoring requirements using products. and third-party services.

“With AWS Cloud WAN, customers can simplify the way they manage a WAN by using a central dashboard to unify the multiple networks they manage today, enforce network policies for performance and security, easily add locations and automate advanced network settings, ”he said. “AWS Cloud WAN takes the hassle out of assembling and managing multiple third-party tools so that customers can now more easily keep their networks connected, secure and performing. “


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