Cave Creek Little League Team Head to World Softball Series


The Cave Creek Cactus Foothills Little League team are now in Greenville, NC for the Little League Softball World Series.

CAVE CREEK, Arizona – Thirteen girls, one heartbeat. That’s the motto of an Arizona Little League softball team that is now in North Carolina for the Little League Softball World Series, as one of the top 10 teams in the country.

Cave Creek’s Cactus Foothills Little League team are in Greenville, NC, competing for the coveted title.

“An incredible trip for these girls,” said assistant coach Jason Honea. “They work incredibly hard. The trip that they were able to and have been a part of, from state to region to here, and then just starting to play this game at age 8, is simply incredible for them. “

The all-star team represented the league in district and state tournaments, winning both then the Western Region Conference in San Bernardino, Calif.

“It’s just a very close-knit team, they don’t get too discouraged, they don’t take it too seriously,” Honea said.

Honea started training because of her daughter Lexi, who wears number 25.

“There was a day she just said, ‘Daddy, I think I want to try softball,’” he said. “And five years later, here we are.”

The whole team has become like family, bonding through the incredible experience.

“If I had a dime every time we told girls we love them and the investment we have in them and knowing that at some point this journey will be over for them whether we earn it or not. , ”Honea said.

Emotions are there.

“There are a lot of nerves here,” he said. “This land is incredible. They’re going to be on national television … it’s a big deal for them.

Right now, all 13 girls, their coaches and families are embracing the excitement.

“We were at the state tournament with a very good team from Sunnyside, which we were able to overcome with a lot of hits,” said Honea.

Next, the Cactus Foothills Little League All-Star Softball team embark on a bridging play tournament, hopefully to win the series.

“This experience is something that no one will ever be able to take away,” he said.

The Little League Softball World Series will feature 10 teams, with the top two teams from each of its five US region tournaments.

Due to pandemic, Little League World Series only features teams from USA

More information on the 2021 Little World Softball Leagues and how to watch their game can be found here.


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