Coach Mulvane, AD remembered as someone who touched the community in so many ways


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – The Mulvane community continues to remember Mulvane athletic director Doug Evers as someone who touched the community in many ways.

Mulvane High boys’ basketball coach Mike Abasolo hopes to keep the good times on the minds of many.

“His fingerprints are going to be on a lot of different things and in different areas of the community, both inside and outside of school, especially inside his own team,” Abasolo said. “Through this process, the number of people he touched in his life has kind of grown exponentially. It’s much bigger than us, “he concluded.

Evers committed suicide in mid-September, a shock to community members. While grieving, Abasolo opened up his home to Evers’ family and friends so he could have a place to face, calling him “Club Doug”.

“It’s been a place for our counseling sessions, our crying sessions, our therapy sessions, but mostly it’s a place where we can come together and remember Doug,” said Abasolo.

Those who knew Evers best describe him as family and someone who often went out of their way for others. The care has particularly shown in relations with his girls basketball team.

“He cared for them in his own way Doug,” said assistant coach Kadee Carpenter. “I don’t think we have any of these pictures if it wasn’t for women’s basketball, and I was really boring with the camera, so he really opened up and let them in too.” , she finished.

Carpenter described Evers as someone who was organized and used lists and sticky notes to make sure he got things done. One of the most moving tributes came from the Evers team who covered their door with messages and jokes inside their beloved coach.

Even in mourning, friends and family choose to share Evers’ story in the hopes that it will help someone else who may be struggling with mental health issues and start what could be a saving conversation.

“The kind of problem with mental health is that we hide it and don’t talk about it until we need it,” Carpenter said. “If I can talk about it, maybe that will pave the way for other people to start talking about it, and that’s progress,” she finished.

Abasolo agreed.

“Everyone is going through something, and not only knowing that, but embracing it, that everyone is going through something and that is really important,” he said.

Funeral services in Evers will be family-only, with a larger celebration of life planned. A memorial foundation has been established through the Carson Bank.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, help is available. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255.

Comcare in Sedgwick County also has assistance if needed. The Comcare crisis line is 316-660-7500.

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