Coffee Briefing, September 28, 2021 – New Amazon Connect features AI / ML compatible; the impact study on the Aptum cloud; a summary of podcasts; and more


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What’s new this week

The new features of Amazon Connect to help meimprove the productivity of contact center agents

Source: AWS

Tens of thousands of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers use Amazon Connect, its cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution, to support more than 10 million contact center interactions every day, explains AWS.

The company yesterday announced three new capabilities for Amazon Connect to improve the productivity of contact center agents. AWS says these new features will help agents respond to customer questions faster, provide fast and secure caller authentication, and make communicating with customers easier and more efficient.

  • Amazon Connect Wisdom: To provide real-time agent support (now generally available), ingest and curate the content agents need from an organization’s internal databases and third-party knowledge repositories, with pre-built connectors to Salesforce and ServiceNow.
  • Amazon Connect voice ID: Caller authentication (now generally available), Offers real-time caller authentication using machine learning-based voice analysis.
  • Currently in preview, new automated outbound communications for calls, texts, and emails help contact center agents scale to reach millions of customers every day with the predictive dialing feature that automatically calls customers in. a list, but limits the scope based on agent availability. It also uses a machine learning model to distinguish between a live customer, voicemail greeting, or busy signal to increase agent efficiency by ensuring that agents do not hang out. connect only to a live client.

Payfare Collaborates With Visa To Offer Discounts To DoorDashers

Source: Lesia_G | Getty Images

Toronto-based Payfare, a global fintech offering instant payment and digital banking solutions for concert workers, announced its working with digital banking solutions company Visa to add Visa SavingsEdge to its platform, starting with the nationlarge DoorDash DasherDirect card program.

The new Visa SavingsEdge gives Qualifying company visa cardholders who opt for the program access savings on eligible purchases To participating merchants, with merchant categories including fuel, auto parts, foodservice, and trip, the company noted.

Visa Canada will grant selected women entrepreneurs $ 10,000 each to expand their business

lemon | Getty Images

Visa Canada announced the second round of the She’s Next grant recipients, Canadian women entrepreneurs who will receive CA $ 10,000 each and one year of business coaching through IFundWomen to support, develop and grow their businesses.

The recipients come from diverse backgrounds and industries, ranging from apparel, food and beverage and housewares to professional, nonprofit and social for-profit services, each offering solutions and innovative products.


Visa Canada announces the winners of the IFundWomen grant program

Businesses Recognize Benefits of Adopting DevOps and Container Services, But Cloud Native Practices Remain Weak

LeoWolfert | Getty Images

HMulti-cloud managed service provider ybrid Aptum has released the fourth and final part of its cloud impact study, which finds that only 20% of respondents use DevOps in all applications, and only 17% use services of containers to develop and deploy all applications.

DevOps and container services enable enterprises to unleash their cloud potential, which accelerate application deployment times, improve productivity through continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), enable easy fixes and frequent and minimize production costs. Despite the obvious benefits, the deployment of DevOps and container services remains surprisingly low.

The last part of the study – The minefield of modernization – highlights these tools and techniques while evaluating the decisions of organizations to host certain workloads in different environments. Finally, the report reveals how CIOs and IT teams can optimize their workloads according to their business goals.

More to explore

Hearts of Lake Alder: Gracemont and Golden Cove

IntelligenceNext-gen Alder Lake processors are slated for release later this year, bringing with them a new design philosophy on a new node set to challenge AMD. But ahead of its release, Intel provided a breakdown of its best features during Intel Architecture Day 2021 to answer a question: What makes Alder Lake tick?

Useful data: Alberta Energy Regulator

The Alberta Energy Regulator has made a point of harnessing the power of data to help make the transportation of energy safer.

Exchange Autodiscover design flaw creates security risk, report says

Microsoft is reportedly moving quickly to mitigate the impact of a security issue with the Autodiscover protocol for auto-configuring clients – such as Microsoft Outlook – in Microsoft Exchange, which could allow an attacker to gain access to information Windows domain credentials used to authenticate to Exchange servers.

Despite Meng’s Deal, Expert Suggests Huawei Won’t Obtain Clearance To Sell 5G Network Equipment To Canadian Telecom Operators

Huawei Canada shouldn’t necessarily expect the resolution of the extradition case against CFO Meng Wanzhou for getting the Canadian government to approve the sale of 5G network equipment to telecom providers here, a security expert said.

3 smart ways to cope with an IT supply shortage

Incorporating a few key strategies can help organizations with IT supply shortages. Read all about these strategies here.

Ontarians will get a digital ID this fall: everything you need to know

The Government of Ontario, in a virtual conversation with the Council of Canadian Innovators (CCI) on Ontario’s digital future, finally revealed information about the technology and standards the province will use to build its digital identity ecosystem.

Get ready for Windows 11 with these tips

The Microsoft Windows 11 The October 5 release date is looming, which means serious deployment planning is underway in many organizations, and there is a lot to think about before diving into a new operating system. Here are some things to consider before you start deploying Windows 11.

Channel Bytes September 24, 2021 – two new ways to get paid; new identity solutions; The MSP conference becomes virtual; and more

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Square Launches Square Register in Canada to Advance Contactless Payments

Square Register is an all-in-one payment and point-of-sale (POS) device for medium to large businesses. It is an extension of Square’s existing hardware, software and services and does not require an iPad, app, or software to manage the system.

BlackBerry hires former McAfee president to lead cybersecurity business

Blackberry hired former McAfee chairman John Giamatteo as chairman of its cybersecurity business unit.

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