Delhi High Court unhappy with incorrect filing of document in petition


The Delhi High Court recently expressed its dissatisfaction with the inappropriate filing of a notice in the form of a ‘folded photograph‘in the petition noting that such a deposit “render little service to the Court or to the inviolability of its proceedings “.

Judge C Hari Shankar noted that the notice dated February 23, 2021 issued by the applicant in the case to the respondent, was filed in the form of a folded photograph in which the fingers of the person holding the paper were also visible.

“In my opinion, such a deposit is totally inadmissible”, said the court.

Initially, the Court was also of the view that the notice was a simple four-page document, which should have been typed and filed, in the event that there was no other way to file the document.

“The filing of documents such as the document on pages 91 to 94 of the documents filed by the applicant does little service to this Court or to the sanctity of its proceedings” said the court.

He also ordered as follows:

“The Registry is also responsible for ensuring that the filing of documents in this manner is no longer tolerated in the future, unless the document is not typed or the typing would be excessively cumbersome.”

Accordingly, the Court re-notified the case on December 7 in order to allow the applicant to file a typed copy of the document on file.

Recently, Judge Shankar asked his registry to take steps to ensure that a separate file of pending claims as well as claims processed in corporate matters is kept in order to save the court’s time.

He had also said that sometimes there were multiple requests from various parties who are often interested in the same property. However, since all motions have been placed in separate files, they are listed on different dates, so there is always a possibility that the Court will issue an order against a party who was not heard.


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