‘Don’t give up, and I really mean it’: community extends support during Suicide Prevention Month


SPOKANE, Washington – September is Suicide Prevention Month, and people are taking to the streets to let the community know that they care and are valued.

A group of volunteers gathered at the corner of Monroe and Summit holding signs and exchanging horns for aerial hugs all day Sunday. Toni Cornell is one of the organizers and says there is too much silent stigma around mental health. She wants to raise awareness of the problem.

“We are here to provide support to the community and to advocate for unity and acceptance for all,” said Cornell.

This is the second time they have organized the event. Patrick Smith knows what it’s like to be depressed. He says he thinks his purpose is to be there for other people who may be down.

“I just want to be that light and that hope. I have nothing special. I am a miracle and I just want to be that light for everyone, ”he said. “Don’t give up, and I really mean it.”

If you want to know more about upcoming events and how to get involved in spreading this message, you can find more information here.

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