e2 IT Consulting ranked among elite managed service providers on Channel Futures 2021 NextGen 101 list


“We are deeply honored to be recognized as # 3 on the NextGen 101 list,” said Eric Emerson, CEO of e2 IT Consulting. “We take great pride in delivering innovative IT solutions that help growing businesses gain a competitive advantage. “

e2 IT consulting was named one of the world’s leading managed service providers in the prestigious Channel Futures 2021 NextGen 101 ranking.

The NextGen 101 list honors leading providers of managed services and technologies that are driving a new wave of growth and innovation for the technology channel through the breakthrough solutions they deliver to their customers. The NextGen 101 Channel Futures are very promising companies given the advanced information technologies and communication solutions they offer. Many of these business models revolve around generating recurring revenue from the cloud, security, and unified communications, among others.

As they represent the future of the technology chain and the IT industry, the NextGen 101 Channel Futures are the growing organizations to watch in the chain today. This year’s NextGen 101 winners were selected from the applications received for the 2021 Channel Futures MSP 501.

Channel Futures is pleased to appoint e2 IT Consulting to NextGen 101 2021.

“We are deeply honored to be recognized as # 3 on the NextGen 101 list,” said Eric Emerson, CEO of e2 IT Consulting. “We take great pride in delivering innovative IT solutions that help growing businesses gain a competitive advantage. Since our inception in 2014, our mission has always been to put the needs of our customers first, and receiving this prestigious industry award is a gratifying confirmation of the value of our approach. “

Channel Futures always wants to ensure that its partner communities are recognized for what they do best and therefore create programs targeted to their needs. The Nextgen 101 represents that effort.

“The NextGen 101 represents organizations and leaders who are ushering in a new wave of growth for the tech industry. Customer experience is at the heart of their business and thinking and they approach partnership in a unique way, ”said Robert DeMarzo, vice president of content for Informa Tech Channels.

“The NextGen 101 is uniquely designed to honor partners who dedicate resources to developing their practices, while maintaining the integrity of their core businesses,” said Allison Francis, writer and content producer at Channel Partners and Channel Futures. “Because these companies represent the future of the technology chain and the IT industry, Channel Futures NextGen 101 is the most watched of all organizations in the chain today. “

The data collected by the NextGen 101 and MSP 501 annual editions feed into Channel Futures market intelligence insights, creating robust data sets and data-driven trend reports that support our editorial coverage, our programming. events, our community and networking strategies and our educational offerings.


The 2021 MSP 501 and NextGen 101 listings are based on data collected by Channel Futures. Data was collected online from March 1 to May 24, 2021. The MSP 501 list recognizes the best managed service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, profit margin, and other factors.

About e2 IT Consulting

If there’s a secret to e2 IT Consulting’s success, it’s simple: we put clients first. Since 2014, we’ve been putting this philosophy into practice, helping hundreds of SMBs across the tri-state increase their productivity and profitability through better IT.

We believe that a good IT solution is a good business solution, and we work closely with your business to tailor our IT support to the specific needs of your organization. More than anything else, we value long-term relationships with the businesses we serve, and we work hard to build a foundation of trust with all of our customers. This is reflected in our jargon-free style of communication, our transparent and flat-rate pricing, our guaranteed 1 hour response and just about every other facet of our service delivery model.

Whether or not you have in-house IT, we can help your business transform IT into a streamlined part of core business operations, while taking your security posture to the next level with our industry-leading security stack. To learn more, visit e2itconsulting.com

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