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COLUMBIA – The pandemic has isolated many people over the past 18 months, but especially those living in nursing homes.

So when a call for new puzzles came from Colony Pointe Senior Living in Colombia, the community came together to help.

After months of placing the same pieces, resident Jimmy Watson and the home operations manager made a call on the “Working Together in Community-Columbia Missouri” Facebook group.

The post included a handwritten note from Watson that read, “We the folks at Colony Pointe would appreciate any gift of puzzles you could spare. We use these puzzles every day. We the folks at Colony would love to hear from you. residents here at Colony those who use the puzzles would love to hear from you. ”

And, it didn’t take long for the pieces to fall into place from there.

Veterans United Insurance employees in Colombia saw the message and knew it was a puzzle they could help solve.

“Some were donations that we got from Goodwill, some were from local businesses nearby, some of them went out and bought new, so it’s a healthy mix,” said Megan Washburn, employee of Veteran United Insurance, who helped deliver boxes and boxes. new puzzles and games at home.

Washburn was one of three employees to help solve the puzzle.

“Just a little extra variety… just anything to help their day get a little brighter,” said Hannah Wansing, also with Veterans United.

“I would like something to do in my spare time, so I’m just hoping for fun and fun, something else to do instead of the same puzzle all day,” Washburn said.

They weren’t the only ones, puzzles poured in from everywhere. The house received nearly 100 puzzles as well as cards, word searches and other games.

“I had no idea it would be like this,” Watson said. “Thank you very much, I really appreciate it and I cannot thank you enough.”

“To me, they just reinforce how good the country is and we can, we can do great things,” said Rosalie Gilbert, another resident of Colony Pointe.

Gilbert also thanked the one who started it all, his colleague Watson.

“He’s special, he is and he has so much heart to do things,” Gilbert said. “I think we can call him the puzzle master.”

A master who understood a simple call might remind them all, they are still a piece of the puzzle too.

“It connects us to the community,” Gilbert said. “Just like the puzzle is, how rewarding it is to feel that we are always a part of everything, no matter how old we are.

Veterans United employees also raised $ 300, which Colony Pointe plans to use to purchase a projector for outdoor movie nights.

If you would like to donate a puzzle, the activities director said he could specifically use 300 pieces or less of puzzles with larger pieces. You can drop off the puzzles at the house located at 1510 Chapel Hill Drive in Columbia.

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