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Seeking an approach to stay ahead of the pack in today’s serious and turbulent global economy, organizations rely on project management to reliably convey business results. In addition, more and more organizations are clearly seeing the result of contributing time, money and assets to fabricate authoritative executive capabilities, such as lower costs, greater efficiency gains, better customer and partner satisfaction and greater benefit.

Almost every day in the life of a project manager is different. The challenges, the obstacles they face every day, are different. The type of stakeholders they need to communicate with and the resources and risks they need to mitigate are different. In short, the days are unpredictable. If I have to sum up a typical day in the life of a project manager, it is about coordination and control.

At Appinventiv, being a project manager means managing people and resources through leadership, motivation and discipline which are the cornerstone of this profession. While these qualities are absolutely essential, the reality is that you also need to be on the cutting edge of technology and especially project management tools. These tools are crucial because they will help you stay on top of schedules, budgets and more. We use certain project management tools to automate various project management tasks and expect you to be aligned with such platforms. When it comes to these tools, we can expect these tools to be universal and apply to pretty much all projects. However, as a project manager at Appinventiv, we give you the freedom you need to get up to speed with the tools that YOU deem appropriate for a certain project.

Project management tools and solutions have always been the game-changer. The tools we use at Appinventiv will help you make positive changes in project management through;

  • Project planning: Use data from previous projects to better plan
  • Planning and time tracking: Keeps track of time spent on tasks and manages scheduled events, meetings, milestones and deadlines
  • Communication and collaboration: Allows you to share critical information with team members, customers, stakeholders
  • Budgets and deadlines: Help you deliver projects within budget
  • Progress monitoring: Keeps track of ongoing projects and whether resources need to be adjusted

At Appinventiv, we understand that the success of a project Depends on many factors. These are, among other things, the people who work there, appropriate management of the company, task management tools and a manager who coordinates the project. Obviously, we cannot forget other very important factors such as finances, deadlines and technological facilities. Delivering regularly, not just for yourself, but on behalf of an entire team, can get difficult at some point. Don’t be afraid to seek help and advice. No one expects you to know everything, even if you’ve been managing projects for decades. We will make sure that all resources are aligned according to your needs and the requirements of the project.

In order to dig deeper and project an honest picture of the nuances of working as a project manager with us, we asked some of our staff, and here’s what they had to say.

If you are looking to work with us as a project manager, we have listed and simplified the key roles and responsibilities to help you lead successful project management.

  1. Check in with team members daily
  2. Evaluate the health of the project on a daily basis
  3. Regularly update customers and stakeholders
  4. Prioritize tasks to maximize productivity
  5. Keep a flexible schedule
  6. Set yourself deadlines and stick to them
  7. Clarify the scale and scope of your project
  8. Delegate work and responsibilities appropriately
  9. Integrate the right project management software
  10. Take risk mitigation measures
  11. Contemplate a financial feat
  12. Keep quality as a primary need
  13. Be a good listener and a leader
  14. Passionate about problem solving

The world of a PM can become quite fascinating. It is also exciting, rewarding and always interesting. In order to stay on track, we suggest and encourage you to build your day around daily tasks. Like a Project Manager, you need to be rigid enough to take a project to the finish line, but flexible enough to deliver the product as expected as circumstances change.

Project Manager

Over the years, we’ve focused on the characteristics that have made the best project managers. While companies are still struggling to find the perfect manager for their projects, here is a brief overview of the basic qualities and skills of a project manager.

  • They are constantly learning and never act like they know it all.
  • They know exactly what needs to be delivered and when.
  • They know stakeholder expectations like the back of their hand.
  • They know the strengths and weaknesses of each technology and tool used in the project.
  • They get the most out of their teams by understanding them collectively and individually.
  • They never blame the team for accidents.
  • They take responsibility for knowing and resolving issues in real time.

To make it easier to plan and control a project, we’ve grouped it into phases, with each phase having similar tasks and leading to a major deliverable. The end of each phase is then marked by a project milestone. Here is a sufficiently phased approach at Appinventiv.

Step 1: Initiation

This phase of project management marks the start of the project and this is where the project charter is developed and the stakeholders are identified.

Step 2: Planning

This is where the project plan is developed. This means that costs are estimated, resources are determined, and requirements, scope and work breakdown structure are defined. This is also where risk is identified and planned and where communications are established.

Step 3: Execution

This phase of the project is where the project is carried out, while providing resources and managing stakeholder expectations.

Step 4: Control / Monitoring

This phase is often done concurrently with execution as this is where quality, scope drift and cost / time allocations are monitored.

Step 5: Closing

This stage of project management is where the project is finalized, the deliverable is released to the client, stakeholders are notified of project completion, and all resources are returned to their resource managers.

Ultimately, the goal of a project manager is to stay active by offering solutions that teams need. Despite the size of a project, we all need someone who will be in charge of the efficiency and productivity on them. Does your project need a project manager? 89% of high performing organizations agree that project managers are an asset. As project management becomes a necessity for any business, we must focus on finding a leader who has the vision, the right skills and the knowledge to ensure projects are completed on time. Project manager and project management are like two sides of a room and for a project to be successful it is important to incorporate both into the picture. If I have convinced you that project management is indeed an interesting and wise choice, then kick-start your career with us.

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Arman Singh

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