Forward Thinking conference – call for papers


Following the success of last year’s Forward Thinking conference, the Insolvency Service is planning the next conference on Friday November 18, 2022.

The theme of the conference is “Forward Thinking: Responding to Insolvency in Uncertain Times”. We want to provide a platform for academic research and technical discussions on insolvency while facilitating a stronger connection between academia, the insolvency industry and policymakers, and encouraging feedback from interested parties.

Call for Papers

We now invite academics, researchers, postgraduate students, insolvency practitioners and anyone else interested in insolvency law and related fields to submit their abstracts for an academic or technical paper to be presented at the conference, including:

  • an academic research paper, or
  • a technical problem related to the practice of insolvency

The Insolvency Service welcomes submissions in all areas of personal or business insolvency, whether UK or international, and papers should focus on the central theme of this year’s conference, a response to insolvency in times of uncertainty and economic shocks.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is Wednesday, August 31. At this stage, we would like you to submit an abstract of the article with a maximum of 500 words only.

For selected papers, the final draft must be submitted by Friday, October 14, ready for presentation at the conference venue in person.

Research submissions will be reviewed by a panel of insolvency law scholars and Insolvency Service representatives. Technical submissions will be reviewed by a panel of Insolvency Service representatives.

Conference formula

We expect the conference to feature approximately 8 papers. Speakers will have approximately 20 minutes to present their paper, with additional time for questions from event attendees and online delegates.

Papers selected for presentation at the conference will be published online, hosted by the Insolvency Service.

Abstract Submission

If you wish to submit an abstract, maximum 500 words, please send it to:

Your cover email should include:

  • if you submit a research paper or a technical issue
  • your name
  • company/affiliation/role (if applicable)
  • E-mail
  • phone number

These details will be deleted when the abstract is forwarded to the jury for review. Please ensure that the summary does not contain information or acknowledgments that could reveal your identity, company or affiliation.

More information

The venue will be confirmed shortly and if you have any questions please contact


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