HSBC UK and UK Black Business Show Announce Vital Partnership to Support Black Businesses in UK


HSBC UK and UK Black Business Show have announced a vital partnership that will help support the advancement of black entrepreneurs and professionals in the UK.

The bank, which serves more than 40 million customers through its global operations, will be a key partner of the UK Black Business Show, the UK’s largest trade fair for black business owners and professionals. .

As one of the four main partners, HSBC UK joins JP Morgan and American Express for the UK’s first Black Business Week which will take place October 25-30 at the Queen Elizabeth II Center in London. HSBC UK will also be the exclusive main partner of UK Black Business Week’s flagship trade show, the UK Black Business Show, which will take place on Saturday 30 October 2021.

The UK Black Business Show aims to bring together the best black businesses in the country through exhibitions, workshops, interactive panels and seminars.

“There are a number of challenges and obstacles that black entrepreneurs encounter. Running since 2017 and being the leading organization for black entrepreneurs in the UK, we are all too familiar with many of the issues that hinder their progress. Partnering with HSBC UK will allow us to collaborate and ensure that black entrepreneurs are not overlooked and are treated the same as all other races. HSBC is committed to making a difference and we are delighted to work with organizations that put diversity at the forefront of business goals, ”said Raphael Sofoluke, CEO and Founder of UK Black Business Show Limited.

Amanda Murphy, Head of Commercial Banking Services for HSBC UK, said: “We are committed to ensuring that access to finance is fair and open, regardless of race. Minority businesses are estimated to have contributed at least £ 74 billion to the UK economy in 2019/20 and data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found that blacks were three times more likely to start a business than whites between 2002 and 2018 *. This INTERNAL entrepreneurial spirit is why we are thrilled to be a part of the UK Black Business Show and look forward to opening up new growth opportunities for companies with exciting ambitions.

UK Black Business Week

Dated: 25-30 October 2021

Location: Queen Elizabeth II Center, Westminster, London

The description: Unify black entrepreneurs and professionals while creating space to nurture talent. UK Black Business Week aims to grow. Empower. Inhale and recharge. With events hosted by industry leaders, UK Black Business Week promises to provide black professionals and entrepreneurs with business information, new skills and knowledge to navigate the world of work.


About the UK black affairs fair

Dated: October 30, 2021

Location: Queen Elizabeth II Center, Westminster, London

The description: The UK Black Business Show was created to inspire and connect black business owners and working professionals. Through trade shows, in-depth workshops, interactive panels and seminars, led by industry pioneers, this event will enable personal, professional and corporate development. To celebrate UK Black History Month, the UK Black Business Show will take place in October. The show will highlight the achievements and contributions of black businesses to the economy. Participants will gain cutting-edge entrepreneurship, leadership, soft skills and cultural development knowledge and advice from some of the UK’s leading black business owners.



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