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Modern mobile device management (MDM) solutions offer much more than basic device management functionality.

Today’s business world cannot imagine a day without technology. All global industrial sectors rely on smartphones and computers to drive communication, automation and speed up business operations. While these smart devices have dominated the corporate world for quite some time, companies are now moving towards a much more personalized digital approach. The use of simple smartphones, tablets or laptops is not enough, organizations today want digital devices adapted to their professional needs.

Custom devices for various businesses

Major industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, education and logistics have evolved to bespoke devices to meet their distinctive business needs. Take the logistics industry, for example, their needs are not met by ordinary smartphones, they need special electronic logging devices (ELDs) to be installed for safe travel and to optimize their operational efficiency. Similarly, construction and mining workers don’t use smartphones to communicate, instead opting for bespoke devices like walkie-talkies. Hospitals, retail stores, hotels, cinemas, airports display information, provide online support, offer self-help kiosks and more with digital devices customized for their individual needs. Since all digital business operations today revolve around the use of personalized devices, companies need to focus their attention on the effective management of these personalized devices.

How can enterprises benefit from simplified management of custom devices?

Modern Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions offer much more than basic device management functionality, they enable enterprises to turn off-the-shelf commercial devices into custom devices and offer extended functionality for custom device management.

  1. Kiosk software
    Kiosk mode is a capability that can be leveraged by enterprises to lock down their MDM-managed devices in single-app or multi-app mode to turn an ordinary device into a specific device. This feature is widely used by various industries to create custom devices. Hospitals can create dedicated patient monitoring devices, logistics companies can convert their tablets and smartphones to ELDs, delivery services can get dedicated GPS devices by locking their smartphones in unique location tracking mode, retailers and store owners can lock down their tablets for instant personalization Point of Sale or digital signage, the hospitality industry can take advantage of informative or interactive kiosks and much more.
  2. Robust device management
    Several large industrial sectors rely on a field force that works in remote and harsh environments. These outdoor environments often include heavy operations and the risk of hazards. Rugged devices are digital devices that are custom-built to withstand such harsh environments, i.e. construction sites, manufacturing units, mining sites, production lines, etc. MDM solutions provide extended functionality for manage and secure these custom rugged devices to streamline business IT operations.

What is crucial is that modern MDM solutions like scale fusion helps you remotely provision, secure and manage your custom devices, whether assigned to employees or unattended wall-mounted devices. IT admins across all major industries can provision their custom devices through Scalefusion’s unified console in terms of deploying enterprise-specific applications and resources to devices, enforcing device and data security policies to prevent data breaches and device misuse and get comprehensive vital device-based reports to assess the health of their devices. Additionally, organizations can achieve greater operational efficiency with advanced features such as remote troubleshooting, automating tasks with workflows, setting up compliance alerts for various security incidents and more. again.

Custom devices bring great flexibility and personalization to digital devices and help businesses up their game, beyond just using basic smartphones. But only with the right device and endpoint management tools can businesses keep their custom devices in a secure and well-monitored environment. Scalefusion MDM helps you achieve the right personalized device management with its elaborate feature set.

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