Piedmont Lithium Inc Unveils Changes to Senior Management as it Moves Forward with a “Positively Electric” Future


David Klanecky, who has accepted the position of CEO of Retriev Technologies, will remain a member of Piedmont’s external technical advisory board and community foundation.

Piedmont Lithium Inc (ASX:PLL, NASDAQ:PLL, XETRA:) has announced two leadership changes following Chief Executive David Klanecky’s decision to take a role with another company.

Klanecky, who has accepted the role of CEO of Retriev Technologies, North America’s largest diversified lithium-ion battery processor, will continue as a member of Piedmont’s external technical advisory board and community foundation.

Current Piedmont Development Director Patrick Brindle will take the reins as COO going forward.

A “positively electric” future

Piedmont CEO Keith Phillips said, “Our mission in 2022 is the successful execution of our near-term goals, including advancing permits and approvals for our flagship Carolina Lithium project, expanding our plans business to produce 60,000 tons per year of lithium hydroxide with a second lithium conversion plant, the return to production of our North American lithium mine with our partner Sayona Mining and the completion of a feasibility on Atlantic Lithium’s Ewoyaa project in Ghana.

“We have grown from a team of four employees two years ago to 30 today, including an in-depth technical team.

“We are also fortunate to have strong partners in our businesses in Canada and Ghana, both of which are pursuing accelerated development schedules to take advantage of favorable lithium market conditions.

“With Sayona Mining anticipating first production from the restart of North American Lithium in 2023, Atlantic Lithium anticipating first production from the Ewoyaa project in 2024, and our own projects progressing towards their construction decisions, the future of Piedmont Lithium is positively electric.”

Klanecky continues as strategic advisor

Phillips continued, “David has been a great teammate and I’m glad he was given this opportunity to be the CEO of Retriev, a private company with significant existing operations and an exciting growth path.

“We are delighted that David will continue his association with the company both as a strategic advisor and as a member of our community foundation, something he has been passionately involved in. »

brindle background

Brindle, who joined the company in January 2018, led the company’s technical and strategic efforts, including advancing its flagship Carolina Lithium project and leading its strategic investments in Sayona Mining in Quebec and Atlantic Lithium. in Ghana.

“Having helped build our world-class and geographically diverse asset base, Patrick is uniquely positioned within our team to lead the transformation of Piedmont Lithium from a development-stage company into production and operations on a timely basis. as feasible as possible.”


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