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Pullman FD

PULLMAN – The Pullman Fire Department would like to remind community members that when a fire approaches, your actions can become a life changing factor for firefighters.

As crews battled the Lost Trail fire in the Whispering Hills neighborhood yesterday morning, a vehicle rolled over our fully loaded supply hose. If you don’t already know, driving on a fire hose is both illegal and dangerous, whether the hose is under pressure or not.

The weight of a vehicle can tear and snag an unloaded hose under the vehicle, and burst a loaded hose acting like a missile, causing serious injury to our emergency responders. Most importantly, when fighting any type of fire, water is their lifeline and the only thing that protects them from heat and flames. Additionally, cutting off the water supply interferes with rescue efforts where minutes and seconds are valuable in saving lives and property.

The Pulllman Fire Department is extremely grateful that in this particular incident there were no injuries, but the outcome could have been disastrous. Unfortunately, the hose must be removed from service and tested before it can be returned to service. If the pipe fails to be tested and cannot be recertified, Pullman Fire will cover the cost of a replacement pipe costing approximately $ 785.00 per 100ft section of pipe.

In Washington State, it is illegal to ride a fire hose. Driving through a fire hose with a vehicle is punishable by a fine of $ 139 for violation of movement, possible criminal charges for non-obedience, punishable by jail time of up to 364 days and Fire Code violation fee of $ 600.

Washington State RCW 46.61.640: Crossing a fire hose

No vehicle shall be driven on an unprotected fire department hose when it is placed on a street or private driveway, for use in a fire or fire alarm, without the consent of the person in charge. of the fire department.



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