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State-owned telecommunications company SaskTel has launched Lüm Mobile, a fully digital mobile phone brand that’s more affordable than a full-service brand.

With its launch, SaskTel now has a complementary brand with more affordable mobile plans similar to Virgin Mobile from Bell and Fido from Rogers.

Lüm’s self-service business model allows customers to change their service on their own through a mobile app at any time. There are no contracts, monthly plans or monthly billing dates. Instead, subscribers buy a subscription and then buy data as needed. Data can be acquired on a pay-as-you-go basis and never expires. The service is offered on the full range of SaskTel networks.

A Lüm subscription costs CA $ 50 for three months or CA $ 180 for one year. Once registered, customers can purchase any of four data sets, ranging from CA $ 15 for 2 GB to CA $ 80 for 25 GB. The service also offers unlimited calling and texting for CA $ 25 for three months or CA $ 75 for one year, plus data roaming for CA $ 15 per gigabyte in the United States and CA $ 30 per gigabyte in Mexico.

Contribution $ 50 for three months / $ 180 per year
Cost of data $ 15 for 2 GB; $ 30 for 6 GB; $ 55 for 14 GB; $ 80 for 25 GB
Talk and text (optional) $ 25 for three months / $ 75 per year
Trip data we: 1 GB for $ 15

Mexico: 1 GB for $ 30

Devices N / A, bring your own device (BYOD)
Supplements Call forwarding, call waiting, three-way conference.

Lüm’s launch appears to be a response to the CRTC’s directive on low-cost mobile plans for incumbent carriers in Canada. In its opinion, the CRTC outlined a C $ 35 per month plan that includes unlimited calling anywhere in Canada, unlimited text messaging and 3 GB of data per month. In addition, it has established guidelines for a prepaid casual calling plan with no data for C $ 100 per year. While Lüm’s service fee alone appears to meet these criteria, the addition of membership fees raises prices beyond the CRTC’s recommendations.

CRTC Guidelines for Low Cost Packages for Incumbent Telecommunications Operators in Canada. Source: CRTC

Lüm is currently only available in Saskatchewan. Customers must bring their own devices.


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