SOSi to support Verizon-led IT enterprise pilot for the military


Julian Setian, SOSi

SOS International has been awarded a competitive outsourcing contract from Verizon to create a new security operations center and advanced cyber incident response capability for the US military. This is part of a pilot project led by Verizon to deliver IT as a business service to military customers around the world.

“We are a long-time partner with the military in achieving our country’s cyber defense goals,” said Josh Zloba, SOSi’s vice president for IT solutions. “We pride ourselves on providing exceptional and reliable IT and cybersecurity services to over 500,000 users 24/7/365 and ensuring the security of our customers’ critical and high-value systems through a vigilance and proactive engagement with our partners in the field of cybersecurity. “

The SOSi team launches effort to first support Ft. Polk, Louisiana. As part of the subcontract, SOSi’s Cyber ​​Incident Response team virtually responds to critical cyber threats against military systems. The team will serve as a single point of contact for cyber reporting for all EITaaS data centers, and coordinate with other EITaaS team members and military units to rapidly mitigate cyberthreats for the operations of the ‘army.

“Ensuring the integrity of US military networks is imperative for the security of the military and our nation,” said Julian Setian, President and CEO of SOSi. “This contract is the next evolutionary step in SOSi’s 14-year history of securing military networks and data.”

Verizon’s EITaaS environment enables military IT departments to be standardized, consolidated and virtualized. The military can implement software services and hardware configurations to meet mission needs, and critical security fixes can be instantly broadcast over a network.


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