Three Tips from iStock to Help Businesses Authentically Represent the Latinx Community


Three Tips from iStock to Help Businesses Authentically Represent the Latinx Community
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NEW YORK, September 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / РAs marketers, communicators and small businesses engage customers for National Hispanic Heritage Month, iStock today unveiled three tips to help businesses authentically represent the Latinx community all year round and at challenge harmful stereotypes and clich̩s that have lasted for decades.

According to iStock GPS Visual Search, almost 70% of people say it’s important that the companies they buy from celebrate diversity of all kinds. The data also shows that 7 out of 10 people prefer to buy from brands that represent a lifestyle similar to theirs when it comes to advertising and communication.

To find images and videos celebrating the diverse and authentic experiences of the Latinx community, visit:

“At iStock, we understand the power of visual content to drive change, and we’re passionate about breaking down stereotypes of communities that have been erased or distorted for decades. noted Tristen Norman, Director of Creative Insights, iStock. “Visuals can have a huge impact on the way people interact and interact with businesses, and our research shows that people want to see diverse and inclusive representations of the Latinx community in the advertising and marketing visuals around them. “

For businesses of all sizes looking to build the trust of their audience (s), iStock has unveiled a series of tips to keep in mind when selecting inclusive visual content during National Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond :

  1. Overcome harmful stereotypes: It is important that communicators and marketers counter misinformed tropes and stereotypes by selecting authentic visual content—pictures, video Where illustrations– who accurately represent the Latinx community. The diverse imagery of the Latinx community is long overdue, and it is essential that we continue this work to dismantle stereotypes that have been simmering for too long in the media and advertising.
    – Do you actively represent Latinxes in a way that breaks or diminishes stereotypes? Do you check the way the settings, behaviors, expressions, clothing, etc. are represented ?
  2. Understand the nuanced intersectionality in the Latinx community: The Latinx community is large and diverse, so it is essential to represent intersectionally across all ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, abilities and body types. When looking to engage the community, it is important for businesses understand the nuances differences between cultures.
    – Do you show a person’s race / ethnicity alongside other intersections of their identity? (e.g. disabilities, gender identity or expression, age, etc.)
    – Do you intentionally address the representation of the Latinx community individually or do you group identities?
    – Do you show a range of skin tones, facial features, hair textures and authentically reflect the diversity within the Latinx community?
  3. Tell comprehensive, well-rounded stories that paint a real picture: It is essential to avoid symbolism and rather, highlight lived experiences and perspectives from the Latinx community. Businesses can ultimately help achieve this goal by selecting visuals that show all aspects of Latinx life–with family and friends, at home, at work, at party and when traveling. By committing to improve representation throughout the year, brands and businesses can empower themselves and participate in inspiring change in make communities feel empowered and represented in society.
    – Do you rely on “tokenism” and make a symbolic and / or minimal effort to represent the Latinx community?
    – Are Latinx people presented in a variety of roles and occupations (eg employer AND employee, different industries)? Do they have a variety of hobbies, interests, or lifestyles?

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