Why AI is the Key to Community-Driven Threat Intelligence


Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022
Time: 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

Community-driven threat intelligence is about the gathering of network information from a myriad of sources, both open and proprietary. The variety and volumes of data means there is plenty of analysis to identify potential threats beyond obvious signatures and known bad actors.

Zero-day threats and stealth attacks can be discovered through community-managed threat intelligence. Powerful, artificially intelligent systems are needed to model and understand behaviors in huge volumes of data to avoid event fatigue.

In this webinar, discover:

  • How community-driven threat intelligence pushes the boundaries of existing AI
  • Why a well-designed AI can be a security manager’s ally
  • The Benefits of a Strong Security AI Manager with Community-Driven Threat Intelligence Flow

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Frank Yue, Senior Solutions Architect and Product Evangelist
Frank Yue is a technology evangelist who translates products and technologies into business needs and values. Mr. Yue examines the changing technology landscape and its impact on IT architectures and organizations. He writes blogs, produces white papers and speaks at conferences and events related to application networking technologies. Mr. Yue has over 25 years of experience building large-scale networks and using high-performance application technologies, including deep packet inspection, network security, and application delivery. . Mr. Yue works for Snapt and has worked for technology companies in technical and strategic messaging roles. Mr. Yue is a scuba diving instructor and a background player when it comes to technology.


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